Four Signs Your Cars Cooling System Isn’t Cool

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Spring has finally sprung! The frigid temperatures of winter are mostly behind us and the rise of that summer heat is just around the corner. With temperatures soon to be on the rise, there are several things A-1 Auto Recyclers in Kirkland New Mexico can do to make sure your cooling system doesn’t heat up this season. Our expertly trained mechanics will make sure that as the temperatures outside rise, your cars temperature gauge doesn’t by performing a Coolant Flush and Fill. Or, if you’re a weekend warrior our large inventory of new and used parts will ensure that you get the exact right replacement components for your cars specific needs.


According to the Car Care Council, cooling system failure is one of the leading causes of vehicle breakdowns. If your vehicle doesn’t receive regular cooling system maintenance it’s not a question of if your car will break down, but when. Neglecting your cooling system can result in serious damage. Driving a car with an overheated engine, even a short distance can wreak havoc. You could risk destroying the cylinder head or cracking head gaskets. Extreme temperatures under the hood can damage the engine block or internal parts and in extreme cases even lead to total engine failure. All of which will put a very abrupt halt to your summer road trip plans.


For starters you may be wondering, what exactly does your cooling system do? Well, The primary function of your cars cooling system is to remove the extreme heat generated during your engines combustion process. Your cars engine temperature can reach upwards of 220 degrees while running. To give you some perspective, water boils at 212 degrees. Unless you’re trying to boil an egg, all that heat has to be dispelled, that’s where your cooling system comes in. The water pump pumps coolant throughout the engine block and heads. The hot coolant is then sent to the radiator to be cooled and the radiator cap controls the pressure in the system. You know when your car overheats and steam billows out? That happens because the heat of your engine has caused the radiator cap to release pressure by expelling overheated coolant. Now that we know what it does, and why it’s important, how can you identify the signs that your cooling system is running less than smooth?

The four most noticeable symptoms that your cooling system needs attention:


If your vehicle temperature gauge is rising near or above the danger zone (the red line)
then you can bet your car is feeling ill and the first thing to do is to check your coolant


If your driveway is starting to collect spots or puddles do a visual inspection of hoses and connectors. Look for bulges and fraying. Check the radiator itself for signs of leaking, wet spots or overspray.


Antifreeze has a distinct sweet smell that is hard to define, but you’ll know it when you smell it. Are you noticing the sweet smell of antifreeze when your car is running? Time to get to a mechanic. There may be a leak you can’t see spreading coolant on your engine. The smell is antifreeze evaporating from the heat of the engine.


If you spend as much time adding coolant to your car as you do adding milk to the fridge then ‘Houston, you have a problem.’ Remember to never to add coolant to a hot engine. Removing the radiator or reservoir cap could cause you to get sprayed with boiling liquid! Always check your coolant level with a cold engine.

You should always consult with your owner’s manual for your vehicles specific recommendations about how often to change your antifreeze and how often to flush the coolant system. New antifreeze helps to keep your engine running cooler and a flush removes dirt and sediment that could damage your cars other parts. To keep your car running cool this summer, make sure a Flush and Fill is part of your regular maintenance schedule. Use these warning signs to keep an eye on your cars cooling system in between scheduled maintenance. And remember, whether you need new hoses, a water pump or a radiator cap A-1 Auto Recyclers is there when you need us. If your car is running hot, turn off the A/C, turn on the heater, pull over and cool that engine down. Call for help immediately, it’s far better to play it safe than to have to buy a new engine or a new car. Come by A-1 Auto Recyclers to learn more!